Smiley face
Smiley face
I’m almost done with school… almost.
I just danced my ass off man. I needed today. It made me feel amazing. People came up to me and told me that my smile was gorgeous and that I should be americas top model and that I looked like Rihanna. I even got deemed an inspiring dancer by another studio and gott little wrist bands for it c: It was a huge confidence booster that I really needed to get out of the sulk that I was in. Dancing has yet again saved me from misery. 
un gato.
back from my dance competition todaaaaiiiii <3
I’m so proud my my bubbies we did really well c:
got a platinum on my tap solo im so happpyyyyyadgvasdh aer <33333
these eyelashes are crazy
Aww I love this <3 fun times with carm C:
New earrings C:
Look guise my homecoming dress C:
*sorry about my hair
Summer <3

→ Hehe C: